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Event Intelligence: New Technology in Marketing

Event Intelligence: New Technology in Marketing

Are you surprised at the topic? You should be. We at wpthemedaddy, go to extreme measures to give the best information on trending topics to our loyal readers. And in this article on Event Intelligence, get ready to go to the very details of this new technology.

Event Intelligence

So, what is this new technology called Event Intelligence? And even if you are a person who stays acquainted with the recent developments in the industry, let us look into the assumptions first. Shall we? You know about events, but the last word called Intelligence is bound to arouse interest and curiosity in your mind. We understand the numerous questions surrounding the topic, so without going somewhere, let us focus right on the topic. In this article on event intelligence, we will also discuss how it helps marketers and the technologies that surround this new subject.


It is understood, in industry circles, about the groundwork that is done by every company to sustain in the market. Let us take a simple case study to understand the situation. An entrepreneur you are, having a company in a part of Mumbai offering house cleaning services at the doorstep of customers. To gain more popularity in the market, you have also entered into a partnership with a startup offering best home cleaning services in Mumbai. Now, you know having the best professionals in every part of your company is not enough. You need to preside over the meetings and make marketing strategies and plans. This will help the respective teams determine the right tools and plan to achieve the required goals. Also, please note, the data you receive from various departments needs to be analyzed, then arranged in the proper order to determine the best marketing plan.

Meaning of Event Intelligence

In very simple words, event intelligence is the data gathered from an event organized by a company. It can give information to the digital marketing team on every activity that occurred at the event. The happenings at the event, the number of attendees, their conversations, the activities they do and many more.

With this data, the company owner can determine if the event has met its purpose and got the value as per the requirement. But the data that is collected will contain information regarding many aspects. And to harness the same, you need various mobile apps, software of event management. Right? And yes, it is not that you can use the same software for every event. So, you need the right tools for putting the data into use.

Is Event Intelligence A New Concept For Event Industry?

The topic mentioned above is good, but please note, there is a thin difference between official meetings/events and events funded by companies. And yes, accumulating data in an event is not new. This practice has been in use since the initial stage of advertising. However, with the recent technology tools, the measurement process of data is made much easier. The best example will be website analytics.

Shall we explain with an example? Your family is involved in laundry service in a Mumbai locality for the past fifty years. Five years ago, you entered the family business and introduced a website. A customer can log in to the website and book request for the clothes to be picked at his/her doorstep. They can also opt for doorstep delivery. Having a smart business acumen, you established a partnership with a start-up which offers laundry services Mumbai for the entire city. Now coming to your business, you have several packages and services. With the website analytics, you know the services more opted for by the customers. Then you can have perfect data of the services/packages that work and which do not.

In a similar fashion, if an event has happened with a company, you can make use of the right tools to not only analyze the data but also arrange it in proper order. The marketing team can then deduce suitable plans to achieve the management goals of the company.

How Can Event Planners Help in Capturing Data for Event Intelligence?

Before a company plans an event, they need to set a goal, and it can differ based on the attendees, the niche of the company and many more aspects. Please note, if a multinational company is arranging an event, then their goals will vary from that of the internal training of an SMB.

If you are an event planner in a corporate company, you have the hands full if there is an event happening in the future. You need to set the KPI that needs to be tracked. And the same event can happen after six months or a year. So, the data has to be perfect. The only way to show your performance is to set the right metrics, goals and then measure them after a certain period. Then you can get to know about the improvements. And you need to select the right event provider. We will discuss this aspect at a later stage. Let us imagine, a company does not set the right metrics before an event. Then the result will have less value. The reason, comparison of data cannot happen. The company needs to set at least three goals. And yes, those goals should match with the data that can be collected. Also important are the technology tools to analyze the data, and then arrange in perfect order.

Technologies For Capturing Event Intelligence

As mentioned before, while the event planners determine the data to be captured, the marketing team should note down the ways to capture the same data. You work in a company offering software services for many firms in Mumbai. So, your CEO plans an internal training session for the sales department. Now being the marketing manager, you have a target for every member to achieve in a month. Depending on the number of internal training sessions, the time spent in sessions, the number of attendees, you can determine the improvement in the next month by comparison with the previous one. Right? So, the tools can change as per the requirement.

Let us take another example. You run an educational institution which offers virtual training programs for English. Every six months, you call all the students for an event. Then by giving questionnaires, you can determine the topics that were more interesting, their challenges, the courses that are more appreciated and many more. You can then make improvements for the next training sessions. In the next event, you can get to know the improvements. If you are arranging an event, and have hired an event provider, check with him/her regarding your goals.

What Should You Look For In An Event Intelligence Provider?

A reputed event intelligence provider will first check on your goals before selling the company’s packages/services. He/she will ask questions regarding the event and the requirements. Then, he/she will talk about the tools that are needed to analyze the data and retrieve the ROI for the future.


With the last paragraph, we have given valuable tips on event intelligence. In the future, this technology is going to get popular. Do you want to get these kinds of trendy information on your email? Our newsletter option is the best. Welcome to the list of our website’s loyal subscribers?

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