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The BMW R nineT is the new bike built by BMW that has a twist to the classic lines to provide a naked winking younger users. The model offers many of the salient features of the BMW R nineT motorcycles as the Para lover suspension, a body modern lines .

With a price of about € 15,000 BMW R nineT stands in competition with the top of the competition and it does also playing the card personalization. In fact, after approval, the rear seat and the frame can be easily removed and the height of the exhaust adjusted as desired.

BMW has chosen Japan for the promotional launch of the BMW R nineT, giving the bike to some of the best shops in the country of processing. The mechanics had six months to implement customizations only ones which we present a gallery of photos below. The work on the aesthetics of BMW is certainly evident and we are sure fans are looking for a new model will not allow themselves to escape the proof of the BMW R NINET.

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